Öğr. Gör. Joey Guertin Office Location: 411
About Joey Hoca: Crazy teacher from Canada. In my freetime, I enjoy playing RPG online games and reading books. I also like to design stuff and play some more games, when I don't have to check quizzes or make sure my students are not being lazy :)
Öğr. Gör. Sahar Hasheminia Office Location: 104
About Sahar Hoca: 27-year-old Iranian teacher who looooves food and enjoys cooking. I rarely watch TV or play games but I do cook every day. And it doesn't mean that I forget my best friends, I mean my BOOKS!! :) I'm a cat person, I just love them! You can find stuff decorated with cat pictures all around my house.
Öğr. Gör. Neslihan Yükselici Office Location: 120
About Neslihan Hoca: Hello I'm Black belt Aikikai, biker teacher who rides after school hours. I love feeding stray animals so I go dog feeding in Beykoz forest when l have time. I enjoy reading literature and watching fantastic movies and TV series. Vampires, witches, warewolves are my favorite...